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Find a Care Provider

Find a Care Provider

As an IHSS Care Recipient, you are the employer and you retain the right to hire, supervise and terminate your Care Provider(s). However, this may present challenges and the Public Authority exists as a resource and support to you in several areas, including:

  • Creating a profile of your needs and preferences which will include your approved hours and preferred days along with any allergies and requests for a male or female caregiver, a non-smoker, someone with a car, etc.
  • Providing a list of referred qualified Care Providers that meet your specific needs
  • Tips, training, and resources to learn more about interviewing and hiring, employer responsibilities and more
  • Assistance in the interviewing and hiring process
  • Conflict resolution assistance

We only refer Care Providers that are on our Registry and have completed a background check, a state-mandated training and a personal interview with us. These are important safeguards that can help you to feel more confident and secure in finding the right person to provide the care that you need.

Please read our Consumer Registry policy.

If you are not yet authorized to receive IHSS services, please call the IHSS intake hotline at (415) 473-4636.