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Frequently Asked Questions

For Care Recipients

Am I responsible for hiring and firing a Care Provider?

Yes, you are the employer. If you need assistance with this, please let your Social Worker know. The Public Authority does not hire or recommend Care Providers; we only serve as a referral service.

Do I need to reimburse my Care Provider for gas?

You and your Provider need to know that IHSS does not pay for the cost of gas and other transportation costs. Therefore, it is important for you to determine—at the time of hiring —who will pay these costs.

How can I enroll to receive IHSS services?

You must first call the IHSS intake hotline at 415-457-4636.

How do I know what tasks are to be performed by my Care Provider?

Tasks and hours are summarized in a “Notice of Action,” a state form that is mailed to you and communicates the social worker’s decision regarding your care. When you select a Care Provider, you should tell the Provider what tasks have been authorized for your care and the number of hours per week you have authorized for the Care Provider to complete these tasks. A completed and signed job agreement can be used to remind you and your Provider of your respective responsibilities.

How do I obtain more IHSS authorized hours?

You need to contact your IHSS Social Worker to discuss your specific needs and request additional hours.

How does the Care Provider get his/her timesheet?

Providers do not get paper timesheets anymore. Providers will need to sign up for the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) to submit their hours. Click here for more information.

I already have a family member caring for me. How does s/he get enrolled for reimbursement?

If you are currently enrolled to receive IHSS services, contact your Social Worker to send you a Provider enrollment packet for you and your Care Provider to complete. Your Care Provider must also be enrolled with the State of California as an IHSS Provider. For more information, click here

I am having difficulty communicating with my Care Provider. What should I do?

If you find it difficult to communicate with your Care Provider, ask for help from a family member or friend, your Social Worker or a Registry Specialist at the IHSS Public Authority.

I need a list of Care Providers. What do I do?

If you are authorized for IHSS assistance and you need help finding a Care Provider, call the Public Authority at (415) 499-1024. If you are not yet authorized to receive IHSS services, please call the IHSS intake hotline at (415) 473-4636.

I need to speak with a Social Worker. Where do I call?

Please call the IHSS Social Worker’s office at (415) 473-7118 and ask to be connected to your Social Worker’s extension.

Should I disclose if I have infectious diseases?

Care Recipients and Care Providers are strongly encouraged to disclose to each other any health conditions that may negatively affect the health of the other. This includes all infectious diseases, including HIV, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis (TB), etc.

What should I discuss with a Care Provider who I am interviewing?

The duties to be performed within the authorized hours, the expectations and standards that you require, when and how the duties are to be performed, the Care Provider’s availability and experience, a list of references to call, and driving availability.

What should I do if my Care Provider is sick and cannot come to work?

If your Provider is going to be out for the day, try to arrange for a family member or friend to help you. If your Provider is going to be out for a longer time, please contact the Public Authority or your Social Worker to help you find a replacement.

Who is required to approve my timesheet?

Both you and your IHSS Care Recipient must register for an online portal. Each recipient that employs you will need to approve of your timesheet electronically.

Whom should I tell when I have hired a new Care Provider?

You will inform your Social Worker by submitting a Provider packet completed by you and your Care Provider. If your Care Provider is from the Public Authority’s Registry, you will need to notify us that you have fired or hired a Care Provider by calling 415-499-1024.