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Executive Director

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Julia Hansen, Finance Manager of IHSS PA Marin

Julia Hansen

Finance Manager

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(415) 499-1024 ext. 102

Julia handles the finances and budget of the PA, as well as the health care benefits program for the providers. A fun fact about Julia is that her first car was a vintage 1965 Fastback Mustang, in orange, named Sally.

Marta Villela, Senior Registry Specialist of IHSS PA Marin

Marta Villela

Senior Registry Specialist

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(415) 499-1024 ext. 103

Marta oversees the recruitment and enrollment care providers. Also, facilitates the connection between IHSS recipients and care providers, and coaches both parties when it is needed.  She works in collaboration with IHSS social workers, the statewide Public Authority managers, and community partners. Marta enjoys seeing the smile of her colleagues when they laugh at the jokes she tells

Adriana Acosta, Client Support and Registry of IHSS PA Marin

Adriana Acosta

Recruitment Registry Specialist

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(415) 499-1024 ext. 104

Adriana is driven to see that both the PA IHSS care recipients and providers get their needs met within agency guidelines. Her primary responsibility is recruiting care providers and matching them with recipients in order to create as positive a working relationship as possible. She receives feedback from both the providers and the care recipients on their working relationships and deals with related issues as they arise. Her positive dedication brings stability to an area of the agency that sees frequent turnover in the clientele it serves. An interesting fact about Adriana is that she almost died during her scuba training due to a technical issue with her oxygen tank (we're happy she made it and is with us today!)

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Candelaria Farina

Administration Assistant

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(415) 499-1024 (Main)

Candelaria’s duties include providing support to ensure that the office operates efficiently. Anecdotally, Candelaria had never seen a potato peeler before coming to the US.