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70 Skyview Terrace, Bldg. “B”

San Rafael, CA 94903

Robert Cretti

San Rafael

As our newest Board Member, Bob was part of a typical hardworking, close-knit, multi-generational, immigrant family where he was taught the value of work and to have care and concern for family, friends and others. In 1970, he was the first of his family to graduate from college with a BA in Biology. Seeing first-hand the effects, challenges and needs caused by disease and the aging process, on his grandparents, parents and aunts and uncles, he felt a calling to seek work helping older adults. He progressed from a program aide in an Alzheimer’s Day Program, to Social Services positions in a skilled nursing facility and a hospital, to community case management and finally to multiple positions for Marin County Aging and Adult Services.  Along the way he also completed a Geriatrics Certificate and all the course work for a Master’s Degree, but was unable to finish the required research project for graduation. He was honored to work in Social Services for about twenty years.  He has enjoyed working for and improving the lives of disabled and aged adults in Marin and continues to contribute to their care and independence again by being a member of the Public Authority Governing Board.