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70 Skyview Terrace, Bldg. “B”

San Rafael, CA 94903

Herb Meyer

Herb Meyer knows what it means to need in-home personal support services. As a younger man, Herb served his country in the Korean War, was a successful businessman, and traveled the world. In 1993, he became a quadriplegic in a sailing accident. After rehab, he trained a caregiver so he could stay in his home. He got involved with IHSS to meet his passion for advocating for the rights of people who need help to stay in their homes. He still sails in the Bay with his buddies, who, he says, “have been one of his core support groups, along with his singing group, caregivers and his late significant other.”

Professional Affiliations
Board Chair, Marin Center for Independent Living
Staff Commodore, Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors
Member, Sons of the Sea Chorus