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Beth Gray


Beth Gray joined the PA Marin Governing Board in December 2017. She is an IHSS recipient and has a strong desire to improve the quality of the program and upgrade the benefits offered to the IHSS providers.

Beth is a Psychiatric Clinical Nursing Specialist with a Masters in Nursing. Her sub-speciality is in trauma and she has created and presented over 30 workshops for students and providers on the effects of trauma and abuse. In 2007, she was part of a five person panel invited to speak on trauma at the United Nations for the International Commission on the Status of Women. When her son was young, she was involved with the developmentally disabled community. Beth conducted a workshop for nurses about the various resources available to these individuals at a time when resources were not connected as they are today. She has also fostered medically fragile infants.

Beth worked for the University of California in San Francisco as a faculty member and a training coordinator. She also worked for San Francisco General Hospital as a Psychiatric Nurse. She currently resides in Novato, CA with her two kitties Princess and Precious.