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Frequently Asked Questions

For Care Providers

Can I take vacation time? Will I be paid?

You may take a vacation, however you will not be paid during the time you are not working for your Recipient. IHSS pays only for the hours that you work. Please give your Care Recipient ample time to make other arrangements while you will be away.

Can I work for someone that is in the hospital or a skilled facility?

If the Care Recipient is hospitalized, no hours can be reported or paid for that period.

Do I have to drive my car?

If you are willing to transport the IHSS Care Recipient to medical appointments, you may have to provide proof of a current auto insurance policy with liability insurance, a copy of your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) record, and a valid Driver’s License. It is your decision whether to drive your own car to take your Care Recipient to medical appointments. You are not required to do so.

Do I need to complete a Provider Packet for every Care Recipient that I work for?

Yes. Also, if your Care Recipient has multiple Care Providers, a Provider Packet must be completed for every individual provider.

Does the Public Authority offer health and dental benefits to IHSS care providers?

Yes, the Public Authority offers benefits to IHSS Care Providers who qualify. Spouses and dependents are not eligible for benefits. For more information, click here

How can I become a Care Provider and get referred to Care Recipients?

You must take the steps to be enrolled as an IHSS Care Provider. First you must attend a state-mandated orientation and complete a Provider Enrollment form. You will also need to submit LiveScan fingerprints for a background check, and present a valid ID and an original social security card. Once you are enrolled as an IHSS Care Provider, you will need to complete a Provider Registry Application and we will call you in for an interview. For more information, click here.

How can I get my employment verified?

You may fax your request to the IHSS payroll department at 415-473-7042.

How do I complete the Care Provider state-mandated enrollment orientation?

State-mandated orientation and enrollment is done through our web based enrollment site. The icon link is located under Provider Enrollment on our website. Please call 415-499-1024 if you have any questions about getting started.

How long after I submit my timesheets the timesheet will I receive a check?

Please allow seven working days to receive your paycheck. If you have not received your check after that time, contact the county IHSS payroll at 415-473-7487 and leave a message with your name, the Care Recipient’s name and the pay period of the delayed check.

I am already caring for an IHSS Recipient. How do I get enrolled as a Care Provider, so that I can be paid?

In order to be enrolled with the State of California as an IHSS care provider you must attend a state-mandated orientation, complete a Provider Enrollment Form, submit LiveScan fingerprints for a background check and present a valid ID and original Social Security card. You and the IHSS recipient must also complete a Provider Packet. This packet can be obtained from the recipient’s Social Worker. The phone number for the IHSS Social Worker’s office is 415-473-7118. For more information, click here.

I am an enrolled Care Provider and an IHSS Care Recipient has just hired me. What do I need to do next?

You and the IHSS Recipient must complete a Provider Packet. This packet can be obtained from the Care Recipient’s Social Worker. The phone number for the IHSS Social Worker’s office is 415-473-7118.

If I am going to be late or I am not coming to work, whom do I contact?

Call the Care Recipient as soon as possible if you are late, sick or unable to work.

What crimes will make me ineligible to be an IHSS Care Provider?

Any crime of abuse against a child or elder, or any crime of Medicare fraud will exclude you from being an IHSS care provider. In addition, several violent or serious felonies or sexual felony offenses will also exclude you. Please call the Public Authority for more information regarding specific exclusionary crimes.

When and where do I turn my timesheet in?

You will need to submit a timesheet twice a month via our electronic visit verification (EVV) online platform.It is very important to submit timesheets timely because your next period’s timesheet is attached to each paycheck. Timesheets are to be submitted by only electronically and not mailed or hand delivered.

When can I submit my first timesheet after I start working?

First, you must complete all of the steps in question #2 above. Once your background check has cleared, your paperwork will be forwarded to the IHSS payroll department. They will submit Social Security verification to the State. Follow instructions on to register for your online portal.

Where do I turn in my Provider Packet once it is completed?

You turn in your completed packet into the IHSS Care Recipient’s social worker. You can either mail it directly to the Social Worker or you can drop it off to the receptionist at 10 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael.

Who is required to sign my timesheet? Do I need more than one timesheet?

Both you and your IHSS Care Recipient must sign and date each timesheet. You need to complete a separate timesheet signed by each Care Recipient that employs you. It must then be immediately mailed to the address printed on the timesheet.

Will I be paid for waiting when taking a consumer to an appointment?

No, it is important to understand that IHSS will pay only for the time to drive to and from the appointment, and not the waiting time. You can do other needed tasks such as short errands or grocery shopping in the immediate area or plan personal activities while the client is at the doctor’s office.

Will I be reimbursed for gas?

Care Providers are not required to provide transportation for Care Recipients and IHSS does not pay for travel expenses. However, if you are asked to provide transportation for your client, you may want to negotiate reimbursement for gas and other travel expenses with your Care Recipient before providing such services.